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The Company Towns of the Rockhill Iron and Coal Company, Robertsdale and Wood vale, PA
Published by America's Industrial Heritage project, 1990, this volume describes everything one might want to know about Robertsdale and Wood vale, including coal mining, ethnicity, structures, maps. Lavishly illustrated in black and white. Soft-cover, 98 pages
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Presbyterian Church of Shaver's Creek Manor at Manor Hill, PA
By Nancy Shedd. Published in 1973, the book celebrates the 150th Anniversary of the stone church. It includes the history of the Shaver's Creek Community, the church congregation and the church building. Also listed are membership rolls, baptisms, and burials in the Manor Hill Cemetery and the Ewing Cemetery. Sepia photographs, soft-cover, 36 pages.

Africa's Address
An Historical Address Delivered by Hon. J. Simpson Africa at the Unveiling of the Standing Stone Monument. Published in 1896. This 26 page booklet has been in the keeping of the Huntingdon County Historical Society. It is a new book - albeit 112 years old. The rare edition includes a history of the Native people of the County, an early history of the settlement of Central Pennsylvania and Huntingdon County, a listing of residents of Huntingdon Borough in 1796, and 6 black and white photographs. Published by J.C. Blair Company, Huntingdon, PA. Only a few books are left in existence.
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The Valley and the Fort
Compiled by James O. Smith and G. Merle Hawn. A collection of genealogy and history of Stone Creek Valley and McAlevy's Fort, liberally illustrated with photos of local people, the town and the valley. Included is information about Greenwood Furnace. Sponsored by the Stone Valley Civic Group. First printing, 1978; Second Printing, 2002. c. 96 pages.
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The Fort Revisited
By James O. Smith. A collection of genealogy and history of Stone Creek Valley and McAlevy's Fort, liberally illustrated with photos of local people, the town and the valley. Included is information mills and Stone Valley High School. Sponsored by the Stone Valley Civic Group. First printing, 1982; Second Printing, 2006. c. 96 pages.
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Stone Valley Remembered
Compiled by James O. Smith. A collection of somewhat more recent genealogy and history of Stone Creek Valley and McAlevy's Fort, liberally illustrated with photos of local people, the town and the valley. Includes information of the postmasters at McAlevy's Fort, and the story of the railroad which never came. Also included is information on Jackson's Corner, Cornpropst Mills, Martin's Gap, and Belleville. The is an index. Sponsored by the Stone Valley Civic Group. 1989 c. 96 pages.
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Bigger and Better Huntingdon County Fair
By Robert H. Cree. The history of the Huntingdon County Fair, from its beginnings in 1831 to 1990 - the 100th County Fair. Black and white photographs. Soft-cover, 43 pages.

Echoes from Warriors Mark, PA
By Elizabeth Nearhoof. If you want to know anything about Warriors Mark, you will find it in this comprehensive volume. The book is well-organized into sections: the first on the economic development, including agriculture, manufacturing and stores and services; the second includes the social fabric of the communities - churches, cemeteries (22 of them), schools, customs and recreation; the third on politics - the 17 local areas, and the wars. The book is illustrated in black and white and includes map sketches. First published in 1968, the current volume is the third printing of the book. An every-name index is available as a separate volume. Soft cover, spiral bound, 417 pages.
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Out of a Wilderness - Saltillo   UNAVAILABLE
Originally published by the Saltillo Borough Council in 1975, this complete history of Saltillo Borough from the dream of the founder in 1762 is replete with photos of buildings and people. There are descriptions of industries, churches, and farms. And there are genealogical descriptions of all the families who hail from Saltillo (including an every name index) from Bill Abbott to Vera Zimmerman. Soft cover, 48 pages.
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Huntingdon Old Home Week
This booklet was published to commemorate the Celebration of Huntingdon in 1985. In program form, it includes advertisements, black and white photographs, an article, "Our Town . . . . then and now". Topics include manufacturers, churches, the hospital, organizations, names and addresses of businesses. A wonderful snapshot of Huntingdon in 1985. soft-cover, 72 pages
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Two Centuries in Huntingdon
A history of 200 years of people and events in the Borough of Huntingdon. Includes archival photos, maps of the borough and a time-line from 1748 to 1996. Written by Nancy Shedd; published by the Huntingdon County Historical Society in 1996. 192 pages; illustrated. $33.00 non-members; $30.00 members
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Second Century
A compilation of the events and people of Huntingdon County from 1887 to 1987. Lavishly illustrated with archival photographs, it also includes a section of color photographs of the county in 1980s. Also included is a section on the history of local businesses and the people that founded them. Written by Nancy Shedd; published by the Huntingdon County historical Society in 1987 170 pages; illustrated. $28.00 non-members; $25.00 members
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Diving Raystown
Authored by John Shaffer, scuba-diver and scuba teacher. This magazine is lavishly illustrated with color underwater photos. From a Volkswagen to graffiti, from the old power dam to underwater bridges - Shaffer provides information about the locations and includes GPS locations. 39 pages. $11.00 non-members; $10.00 members
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Along the Raystown
Edited by Nancy Shedd. The book includes the ideas of the inception of the first Raystown Dam for electrical power in 1904 and the construction completed in 1911. There are stories of cottage life on the Lake, Camp Mylar, boating, water skiing, and fishing. There is also a short article on the archaeology of the Sheep Rock Shelter. A pull-out map shows the new dam superimposed over the old dam, and the locations of homes which were removed for the construction of the new Raystown Dam. Many black and white photos. Softcover, 8 ½ X 9”, 52 pages, published by the Huntingdon County Historical Society in 1998.
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The Roy Wilburn Story
By Ron Morgan. The biography of "Mr. EBT", operating vice-president from 1960 to 1989. The story focuses on the man, and on his effect on the preservation of the East Broad top Railroad. Published in 1995. Many black and white photos. Soft-cover, 63 pages
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PA Folk Art of Samuel Plank
This volume focuses on the writing, drawing and carpentry work of Samuel Plank, from Allensville in Big Valley. It describes the man, his family, his genealogy, a little about Big Valley, and the Mennonite and Amish population. Color illustrations. Published by the Kishacoquillas Valley Historical Society. Hard-cover, 67 pages.
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The McMurtrie Family
By Robert D. Royer. The McMurtrie family was one of the leading families of Huntingdon County. David McMurtrie hailed from Scotland and set up a prosperous import/export business in Philadelphia. He brought his family to Huntingdon County in 1776. The family carved a political, ministerial, and business niche in the new borough of Huntingdon. Includes some black and white photographs and a genealogy chart. Published in 1964. Soft-cover, 32 pages

Doughboy's Diary
The autobiography of Huntingdon's Chester "Zeb" Baker and his military experiences in France in World War I. Baker has the gift of natural storytelling. His account brings the men, the trenches and the war alive. Many black and white photos from the author's collection. Hard-cover, 138 pages
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Civil War Sketch Book and Diary
The Civil War Sketchbook by Henry Hudson and the Civil War Diary by Philip Bolinger are cleverly integrated in a volume published by the Huntingdon County historical Society. We are allowed a glimpse of soldier life during one of the most dramatic periods in United States history in both word and picture. Indexed. 94 pages
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Jim Remembers
Authored by Jim Filson, a comprehensive look at both Raystown Dams, this book describes the “Old” Raystown Dam” and activities such as the water ski shows, the cottages, and Jim’s anchorage. The book also describes the Sheep Rock Archeological Excavations and some artifacts. Construction of both dams is explored, as well as fishing, the cliffs, and camping. Lavishly illustrated in color and black and white, Jim Filson’s book is a must-have for anyone who has lived and loved Raystown Lake. Soft cover, 8” X 10”, 202 pages, printed in 2010.
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Spinning and Sex
Spinning and Sex is an illustrated book with an unlikely title. How do these two go together? Dr. Robert Wagoner, Philosophy professor emeritus from Juniata College, has put into book form his collection of 18th and 19th century prints which take us from drop spindles, before the invention of spinning wheels through to the mechanization of spinning. He also describes the role of the woman in production (of yarn) and reproduction. The 103 page soft-cover book (8 ½” X 11”) published in 2011 by the Huntingdon County Historical Society, features 80 large reproductions, all relevant to spinning. In his commentaries. The book is a fascinating look at women, at spinning, and at the role of women in earlier Europe. Pictures are featured in full color, in sepia and in black and white.
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Glazier Stoneware
By Nancy Shedd. The work of the earliest of the region's stoneware potters, Henry Glazier, is outlined, along with the information on the man and his stoneware. Lavishly illustrated in color and black and white, it includes lists of Glazier pottery. Easily read, it provides illuminating information about the style of the pottery and Glazier's prominence in the Huntingdon Community. Also included is a "Letter to Henry Glazier" by Jack Troy, noted contemporary Huntingdon potter. Published by the Huntingdon County Historical Society, 48 pages
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Reminiscences of the Old Opera House
By Albert M. Rung. What did people do to keep from becoming bored? Rung traces the amusement ventures of Huntingdon folk from the hotel in 1818 where young thespians performed, to the Opera House, its construction, its changes and the fire that demolished it in 1901. Soft-cover, 12 pages.

Made for Fishermen by a Fisherman
These intertwined stories are woven together by Jean Lane Cresswell. Published in 2007 by the Huntingdon County Historical Society, the fascinating story of the Phillips Fly and Tackle Company of Alexandria, Pennsylvania incorporates fly manufacturing, fishing and local history into a volume perfect for fishermen. 58 pages; color illustrations. $13.25 non-members; $12.50 members
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Gunsmiths of Bedford, Fulton, Huntingdon & Somerset Counties
By James B. Whisker and Larry W. Yantz. This hard-cover volume describes the long rifles crafted by the gunsmiths of Bedford, Fulton and Huntingdon Counties. The book is replete with black and white photos of the guns, and there is a short biography of each gunsmith. 192 pages. These books will not be reprinted. $45.00 non-members; $40.00 members
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J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital
This book is in the series “Images of America” by Arcadia Press, a photo album of pictures illustrating the hospital from its idea, its plans, its improvements, and its technology. Chapters explore the history of medical technology, the former nursing school, the first emergency (a train derailment) are every p[age shows a black and white photo, either archival or contemporary. Authored by Nancy Swigart Shedd and Alberta Haught Goshorn. Soft cover, 127 pages, 6 ½ X 9 ¼ “, 2010
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Exploding Lamps & Sparks from a Locomotive
By George Wilson. Fire! Fire! Fire! A transcription of the log from the Huntingdon #1 Fire Company from 1873 to 1923. Lists names and addresses of the fires, the loss, the cause and the damage. A true salute to the fireman of Huntingdon. Soft-cover, a few black and white photos. 63 pages.
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Guide to Huntingdon Co. Cemeteries
By Linneria B. Wheland. This volume includes a listing of Huntingdon County surnames, and a list of the cemeteries in which that name can be found. There is also a list of Huntingdon County Cemeteries. Compiled in 1997, reprinted by the Huntingdon County Historical Society in 2007. 151 pages
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Lost and Forgotten Cemeteries of Huntingdon County
Compiled by Linneria B. Wheland. An unusual book for the genealogist or historian, this volume contains a list of the small cemeteries of Huntingdon County, their location, a description of the cemetery, and a list of the people buried there. The book includes an every name index. Wheland, whose life work has been genealogy and Huntingdon County cemeteries, walked the cemeteries, dusted the stones, and recorded the data. Published by Wheland in 1988, and made available to the public in 2008 by the Huntingdon County Historical Society. 173 pages. Cover design by Linneria B. Wheland.
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Pomeroy Atlas
By Pomeroy. Reprinted by Huntingdon County Historical Society in black and white. For historians, genealogists and map-lovers alike - this collection of maps details property lines, structures, businesses, waterways and coal fields. Names of property owners are printed on the properties. Includes every township and village in the two counties. Soft-cover, oversized, 12X151/2", 161 pages, indexed by name.
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Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation Guidelines
Originally published by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission, this guide for rehabilitating historic buildings is a reference text. Taking a building part by part, it addresses the best “fix” for each. It also provides a second and third choice for those parts. Addressed in the guide are: walls, windows, doors, porches, roofing, additions, alterations, site work, paint and more. Although originally published in the 1980’s, the information is still valid, even if the cost estimates are no longer relevant. Many black and white photos, 111 pages
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